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果醋的益处 / Benefit of Aroma Vinegar



醋 味酸,性温,无毒。「醋」作为调味品,我们对其在烹饪上的功效非常熟悉,其实醋有多种营养成分,有益身体。纯酿造醋里含有人体8大必需胺基酸、有机酸、维生素、钾、铁、锌,及高浓度的SOD抗氧化物等营养素。并含有蛋白质分解酵素、
























Vinegar acid, warm, non-toxic. "Vinegar" as a condiment, we are very familiar with the efficacy of its cooking, in fact, vinegar has a variety of nutrients, beneficial to the body. Pure brewing vinegar contains 8 essential amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, potassium, iron, zinc, and high concentrations of SOD antioxidants and other nutrients. And contains a proteolytic enzyme,

Starch decomposition enzymes and lipolytic enzymes, help digestion of meat and starch. Drink for a long time to drink vinegar to relieve fatigue, activation of cells, enhance immunity, reduce visceral fat, returned to your original light healthy body.

Japan Aichi College of Physical and Mental Health Professor Sato Yuzuo said that acetic acid, one of the components of vinegar, can inhibit fat synthesis, but also promote the decomposition of fat, the dual effect of digestion of the accumulation of fat in the body. Japanese Toho University comprehensive medical emergency medicine professor Professor Kawada Junjiu also said that drinking black rice fermented vinegar, can intake of amino acids, the human metabolism to become better. Although the chef is busy, he often drank diluted rice vinegar to help sleep at night, sleep quality, fatigue is the whole consumer.

Synthetic vinegar is not owned by brewing vinegar has nutrients, can not achieve physical health effects, its raw materials made of acetic acid is also easy to cause chronic diseases and fetal malformations. So to choose the natural brewing vinegar, the average daily need to drink a tablespoon of the amount of vinegar can be diluted as a beverage, or when cooking add vinegar when seasoning, and olive oil with cold dishes. If you stop drinking vinegar four weeks later, the effect is greatly affected.

Taboo of drinking vinegar 

Is taking some Western medicine should not be jealous. Because acetic acid can change the local environment of the human body pH, so that some drugs can not play a role in sulfonamides in the acidic environment easy to form crystals in the kidney, damage to the renal tubules, so the service should not be jealous when such drugs. Is serving sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, stomach Shu Ping and other basic drugs, not jealous, because acetic acid can be neutral and alkaline drugs, and make it ineffective. The use of gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, erythromycin and other antibiotics, not jealous, because these antibiotics in the acidic environment will reduce the impact of efficacy.



Benefit of Aroma Vinegar:

Gout uric acid

Treatment of constipation


Lower blood pressure

Cough and phlegm

Slim Fit

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Passion Vinegar 

Apple Vinegar 



Kumquat Vinegar



Lemon Vinegar