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(Single Pack) Aroma Enzyme - (单瓶装) 花果萃酿酵素 (375ml)

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■ 维持青春美丽,调整体质的珍品

■ 专利低温萃取技术,保留完整营养!
■ 无添加防腐剂,检验合格,安心保证!


柚子酵素 - 消化不良, 便秘痔疮

梅枣酵素 - 食物过敏, 经期疼痛, 气虚头晕, 失眠头疼

柠檬酵素 - 经期疼痛, 气虚头晕


■ Maintain youthful beauty, adjust the physical treasures
■ Patented low-temperature extraction technology to retain complete nutrition!
■ No added preservatives, testing qualified, peace of mind to ensure that!

Benefits of Enzymes:

Yuzu Enzyme - Indigestion, Constipation Hemorrhoids

Plum Enzyme - Food allergy, menstrual pain, dizziness, insomnia, headache

Lemon Enzyme - Menstrual pain, dizziness