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(Single Pack) Aroma Vinegar - (单瓶装) 花果萃釀果醋 (375ml)

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◆ 结合古法的香醇、天然及科技的独特与健康!

◆ 无香料、无防腐剂、无农药残留。
◆ 由远东科技大学生物科技研发中心技术指导,以专利低温萃取技术,避免破坏有效成份的活性,保留完整营养!


梅子萃酿 - 痛风尿酸
百香萃酿 - 治疗便秘, 养颜美容
苹果萃酿 - 治疗便秘, 降低血压
金桔萃酿 - 止咳化痰
柠檬萃酿 - 消脂瘦身
荔枝萃酿 - 补血润肺, 增强免疫


◆ combined with the ancient law of the mellow, natural and technology unique and healthy!
◆ no spices, no preservatives, no pesticide residues.
◆ By the Far East University of Technology biotechnology R & D center technical guidance to patent low-temperature extraction technology to avoid the destruction of the active ingredients of the activity, to retain complete nutrition!

The benefits of vinegar:

Plum Vinegar - gout uric acid
Passion Fruit Vinegar - treatment of constipation, beauty beauty
Apple Vinegar - treatment of constipation, lower blood pressure
Kumquat Vinegar - cough and phlegm
Lemon Vinegar - Cellulite thin
Lychee Vinegar - blood and lungs, and enhance immunity